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Choosing the right type of lock

Are you looking for a bike lock for your bike but don’t know where to start? This blog post (along with our ‘Understanding the bike lock Security System’)will give you everything you need to know to help you to make your decision.

When it comes to selecting the right type of bike lock, the first thing you need to know is that you’re basically looking for a lock with the longest ‘time to defeat’ within a set budget. Remember all locks (including the lock to your suitcase, your shed etc) can be defeated using the right tools and given the right amount of time required to do so. Therefore, this is one of the elements you will need to look at when you are purchasing your bike lock.

One of the easiest ways of knowing how long it will take to break your lock is to use the Sold Secure rating. This will come in gold, silver and bronze. Gold provides you with the longest defence with bronze giving you some for a short period of time. There are other security ratings which are similar such as ART and Thatcham, but here at Yale we use Sold Secure.

What are the three main elements to consider?

Each of the different types of locks available will have three main elements to consdier: affordability, usability and security. Here’s a close look at 3 of the most popular options: U-locks, chain locks and combination cable locks.


This is a good value option, lighter than chains and a good balance between cost and security. The only problem is that they won’t fasten around objects which are bigger that the width of the lock.

Breakdown U-lock lock


Offering maximum security, chain locks can render most smaller hacksaws and bolt cutters useless while enabling the user to fasten around larger objects. On the flip side, they can be very heavy and so are often a solution where your bike, motor bike or trailer is left in the same place and the lock does not have to be transported.

Breakdown chain lock


These are the lightest and lower cost options. While practical, they only offer an entry level of security and so it is generally considered best practice to use this in conjunction with one of the other locks, if you are leaving your bike unattended for a longer length of time.

Breakdown cable lock

Now that you’ve got an understanding about what to look out for on a bike lock, have a look at out range here.

How you will use your lock:

Generally the length of time your bike will be left unattended is a good indication of the type of locking solution you should employ. For short stays a single U-lock in a considered location should be sufficient. For a longer stay, remove the front wheel and use one lock to lock the frame, back and front wheels together. If you are planning to leave your bike overnight or at work through the day, consider a maximum security chain lock or a combine a U-lock and cable.

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